Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wow, what a night

Really great turn out last night, thanks to everyone who came, who saw and who bought. HUGE thanks to Kat & Cissi who hosted us at Swanfield. We were pretty well behaved for a mass of ladies and free flowing bubbly but it's pretty damn risky combining cake, tipsy peeps and beautiful clothes.

Extra special props to:
Cake baker extraordinaire Ashleigh; Keisha, Lucy, Shannon and Cliona for helping with everything from websites, to party pictures to cleaning, needless to say, it wouldn't have happened without your help. And to Laura who gave me a massive kick up the bum and all the girls for your legs and encouragement.

Lets hope there are some good pics from weknowwhatyoudidlastnight's Christopher James, otherwise, he'll have to give me those peach tights back. (Ssshhhh)

Enough of the schmaltz* ...onwards and upwards! x

(Guess who has Yiddish fridge magnets?)

1 comment:

  1. you're tights are so beautiful, i'm to carnaby street on monday and really hope theres a pair of the anchor ones left!