Wednesday, 23 December 2009

White Tights (Predicament)

ah, aaah, aaah, aaah

Ooh White, White
Ooh White, White
Ooh White, White

Ooh White Tights- Vision dreams of passion
Blowin’ through my mind- and all the while I think of you
High price- a very strange reaction
For us to unwind- the more I see, the more I do
Something like a phenomenon, Baby!
Tellin your body to come along, but white tights blow away
Blow! Rock it! Blow!

Ahhh Higher, baby
Ahhh Get higher, baby!
Ahhh Get higher, baby!
And don't ever come down! Freebase!

Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang indeed. Guess who is having a white tights predicament? No, not Grandmaster Flash but Yes Natalie. Thought I'd solved my problem of tights suppliers no longer making or stocking white tights by purchasing them at a retail shop only to discover... shock horror they'd sent me 3 pairs of white tights and a load of bloody footless tights.

That's just not on. Especially since I'm in the depths of Somerset and the shop is in London. Grrrr.

So, if you were after white tights with Anchors, Queen of Hearts I'm afraid I'm not going to get them out until the new year. Sorry for any inconvenience. hey, maybe take a peak at the purple, red, teal and cerise styles...pretty hot, no?

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