Sunday, 14 March 2010

Back in action

After a long wait, tights are now available from and from me directly.

Queen of Hearts and Guns and Roses are in full stock and there's a handful of jade, forrest green and purple with peach climbing roses. The roses are much more subtle on this batch, a little more acceptable for the office and will look lovely with brown tweeds and knitwear.

My shop has been featured on two Alice in Wonderland themed treasuries like this one Rabbit Hole and

Anchors and birds tights will follow just as soon as cashflow sorts itself out.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Time Flies

Well my tights printer is not in my good books. Still no tights almost a month after I dropped off 30 pairs into the studio.

Meanwhile, anyone could have stolen my idea and run with it and made a killing over here. I'd print them myself but don't have the facilities just at the minute. Soooo I might pop into his studio and print them off there, assuming he has space for me. I want to ship 15 pairs to Germany, 15 to a lovely boutique in London. One pair to a lovely girl whose tights arrived with a mark on and has been uber patient and the rest I wanted to pimp out to the lovely Melbourne boutiques and bloggers.

I'm one step closer to getting white tights. Just need Ambra (aussie tights manufr) to agree to sell them to me at a wholesale rate. Or find a way around the £100 it would cost to ship them from the UK.

People are excited about my tights, I've got demand but I need to get them out there and it's as if the world is against me. Well, maybe not whole the world.

This is what they look like if you'd forgotten.
And then this is me in Henry Holland tights which I've lost and another primark dress. Yes I may be cheap, but I'm also fun.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Print Ready

I'm itching to get back into the studio. I've met a lovely screen printer by the name of Dion who has a print shop in his warehouse. Its all painty and messy with stuff all over the warehouse, half fixed bikes, broken sofas, graffiti on the walls and then through you go into a quiet print studio which is stacked with screens and paint pots. I love it already. Then wham! as you step outside the warmth of Melbourne hits you like you've suddenly been enshrouded in in fine layer of heat tech thermals.

I'm rambling....

My point was that I've found a place to print (wooo!), I'm negotiating some fees, I've got a batch of tights I brought with me and I'm investigating other tights suppliers too. Oh and I've checked out the art supplies shop. All that means, with any luck I'll be printing again next week, just as soon as Dion's studio is free. Still no success on a white tights producer, but I'm one step closer having found an independent accessories shop selling just what I need and I'm hassling the owner to share her supplier... fingers and tights-clad toes crossed for me!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hot hot heat

Yes Natalie is in Melbs! Finally.

I'm going to indulge in a little holiday time because it's too darn hot to move here. I can't believe I went from snow to poolside in 24 hours.

Apparas, printed tights are big here! Already spotted a couple of printed tights companies (arrrghh, rivals) but not digging their illustrations personally. However, I like the organic cotton vibe, great for the environMENTALists. Ahem.

Anyway, let me get back to my G&T with cucumber and plan my night out (sans fur coat) and I'll be looking for inspiration in the sun. Talking of which, I have a few zillion ideas for tights but please get in contact with any ideas you'd like to see for a motif. If I use your design, I'll send you some tights and maybe some cake!


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Yes Natalie should be well rested and ready to grab 2010 by the proverbials but party season has taken it's toll and sleep time & dancing time have taken over from printing time.

Its also only 4 more days before I move to Melbourne for 3 months, there's going to be a little tights making hiatus while I get some sun into my bones but I wont be resting for long. Before you know it, I'll printing and maybe heat pressing and firing tights and love back your way.

Some over due pictures from the launch taken by the lovely Christopher James from WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight....

Launch Night Pictures

This was the end of the Yes Natalie tights launch at the Swanfield Pop-ip shop in Kingly Court a couple of weeks ago. The Swanfield girls are moving again to a new location soon. I'll let you know more when I do.

I'm sure there were some more pictures of the heaving shop when everyone arrived at 6.30. The silly posing and jumping on the giant teddy bear didn't happen until we'd devoured the 15 bottles of fizz. Happy days.